Intro to The Crypto UBI Project (TCUP)

Developers: Carlos Daniel Mondragon Chapa, Deh-Jun Tzou, Hrishikesh Kashyap, Manush Gupta, Priyadarshi Rath, and Jim Flynn

TCUP is a joint effort by The Kuwa Foundation and the University of Massachusetts Amherst Center for Data Science. Because we wanted to test Kuwa as part of a useful application, we implemented it as part of a crypto universal basic income (UBI) distribution. To distribute our UBI, we took the "faucet" approach. Although our faucet distributes KuwaCoins, future versions could distribute any cryptocurrency. The following diagram illustrates the software that we developed for TCUP:

Please feel free to give TCUP and Kuwa a try! The following sections contain a comprehensive collection of links to running TCUP demos, Kuwa-related documents, source code, and more. We will welcome your participation. Developers can check out our Github repository. You can also support our effort to end poverty by donating on The Kuwa Foundation's main Web site.

Disclaimer: Please note that the Kuwa platform is highly experimental and, therefore, not suitable for a production application. Although we do believe that one day the Kuwa platform can serve as a vital infrastructure component required to support a decentralized economy, there is much more work to do. We hope that you will help us.

TCUP and Kuwa Demonstration

Feel free to give TCUP a try. You can download an APK that you can install on an Android, or try the Web client.
PLEASE REMEMBER: Everything here is very experimental and is not supported.

Front-end - Register for a Basic Income (Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet)

The TCUP front-end includes the user interfaces that people who register for a basic income (and Kuwa ID) would experience.

Back-end - Adminstrative Interfaces

The TCUP back-end includes the administrative user interfaces that people who manage Kuwa nodes (or a basic income faucet) would experience.

TCUP and Kuwa Documentation

This page provides links to API documentation for the software we used to implement The Crypto UBI Project (TCUP) and the Kuwa ID platform, which is required to make TCUP work.

API Documentation

More Information

White papers, source code, etc.

Thanks to the Folks Who Helped Us

TCUP would not have been possible without essential contributions from Bill Clarke, Brant Cheikes, Gavin Andresen, Jennifer Page, Laura Haas, Pamela Mandler, Philip Silva, and Stuart Tempkin. There is more information about the Kuwa team here.